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Taylor Builder’s Edition K24ce

Exotic Beauty Meets Stage-worthy Sound

A hardwood koa top produces a warmer, darker response than a spruce top. Together with V-Class bracing, this guitar records and amplifies exceptionally well, while its inviting body contours and stunning visual charact


Designed to minimize the sound of the player’s movement against the guitar body, our Silent Satin finish comes in handy for recording sessions. It also feels smooth to the touch and lends an appealing organic aesthetic quality to the body.

Curve Wing Bridge

A reshaped West African ebony bridge updates the elegant Taylor bridge with contoured edges that soften the feel against your picking hand.

Gotoh 510 Tuners

The 21:1 gear ratio of these premium tuning machines delivers ultra-precise tuning control, which means every note will be right on pitch—especially together with the intonation accuracy of V-Class bracing.

Beveled Cutaway

The higher frets on the neck are more accessible than ever thanks to the ergonomic contouring of the cutaway, which includes a smooth bevel for fluid fretting.

Rolled Edges

Using next-level craftsmanship, we’ve chamfered the body and fretboard edges to give the guitar a more inviting feel for both picking and fretting.

Beveled Armrest

Smooth contouring softens the edge on the bass-side lower bout to enhance the comfort and support for your strumming or picking arm.